In 2011, the rapid growth was indicated by the achievement of sales value, which was double the sales in the previous year, the increase in cooperation with international-level global clients, the increase in new competence in the field of offshore as well as the consistent implementation of international-level management quality system. These indicators allowed Rekind to have strong and positive differentiation in the competition. In the future, with a focus on increasing the competitive advantage in the fields of Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Commissioning (EPCC) as well as developing the business in investment and by always prioritizing the improvement in the quality of human resources, Rekind will continuously make the best efforts to become the best part of the improvement in the quality of the national life.


Rekind always keeps our company’s most principal values in every operational activity as manifestation of our resposibility and care for the stakeholders and all parties involved

Reputation is an intangible asset that illustrates the image and the credibility of an organization in the eyes of stakeholders. The quality of the organization’s reputation will determine the behaviour of stakeholders towards the organization, which in turn will affect the achievement of organizational goals. Therefore, it cannot be denied that reputation is one of the main determining factors for the success or failure of an organization in achieving its goals.One of Rekind’s efforts on building a reputation is to prioritize Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities and the Community Development Partnership Program (PKBL). Both, in the Project environment which currently still on progress by Rekind and environment in Rekind Headquarters in Jakarta


  • High self-awareness of occupational health and safety and caring for the environment.
  • Uphold moral value according to applicable rules and norms
  • Competing, continuously improving knowledge and ability to provide added value for Stakeholders
  • Conscious and willing to synergize, sustainable to achieve corporate objectives
  • Creating opportunities through the use of science and technology to provide added value to the company