Our commitment on suceeding various programs in the energy industry as a supporting national energy security is undoubtable. The ability to develop oil and gas production facilities is not limited to oil refinery development. Through the Refinery, Oil, & Gas Rekind unit, Rekind has completed the Donggi Central Processing Plant (CPP) Gas Development Project, the Paddle Compression & Central Gas Plant Project.In offshore national industry, Rekind also participated in several projects including the Lampung Floating Storage Regasification Unit (FSRU), Lampung Tower Yoke Mooring System (TYMS), the EPC Sumpal project.

Answering the challenges in the food security industry, Rekind also built a series of fertilizer factories in the national scope (9 factories) and the Asean region (2 factories), one of the Rekind projects in the regional scope that had just been completed was Sabah Ammonia Urea (SAMUR) in Malaysia.

Answering national energy needs, Rekind also made a real contribution through the construction of Geothermal and Steam Power Plant facilities. Already 16 Geothermal Power Plants have been built by Rekind, with a total capacity of 1,010 MW including, Ulubelu PLTP 1,2,3 and 4, Kamojang PLTP units 4 and 5, Lahendong PLTP units 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, PLTP Rantau Dedap. In addition to Geothermal Power Plant, Rekind also actively contributed to the development of the 1,287 MW Coal fired power Plant including the Suralaya Coal Fired Power Plant 1 x 625 MW and the Tonasa Steam Power Plant Boiler Turbine Generator 2 x 25MW.

To support mineral downstreaming, Rekind also able to realize its achievements in the construction of the cement Tonasa plant project, Ferronickel smelting plant, coal and aluminum, Water Treatment Plant, waste Water Management System, demineralization, and plant supporting infrastructure.

To fulfill the market needs and improve broader market services, Rekind has a marketing unit that focus on the industry and energy segments, namely:

  1. Marketing Refinery, Oil & Gas
  2. Marketing Petrochemical & Overseas
  3. Marketing Power & Mining
With the expertise, commitment, and experience that we have, we hope that the stakeholders will continue to support this national company to become the world-class company that is developed and developing. Besides, being able to realize positive performance and produce the best work in the field of EPCC. We are proud to keep contributing our best effort for nation and country.