As instructed by the Ministry of State Owned Enterprise through Letter No. S-17/S.MBU/02/2020 which stated that all of State Owned Enterprise required to implement ISO 37001:2016 on Anti-Bribery Management Systems in order to achieve a clean and anti-corruption state, PT Rekayasa Industri has committed to raise anti-bribery culture by implementing Certification of ISO 37001:2016 as a form of its commitment to implement an excellent Good Corporate Governance on its business activity and upholding anti-corruption culture.

By implementing ISO 37001, PT Rekayasa Industri is expected to raise the anti-bribery culture to all of its stakeholders and as an initiative of progressive step to mitigate the risk of bribery practice, either in the internal of company environment or company interaction with external party, which may harm the company and its stakeholder, both in short and in the long term.