Echoes of National Awakening surged at the Head Office of PT Rekayasa Industri (Rekind) on Jalan Kalibata Timur I No. 36, South Jakarta. One of the signs of this spirit is reflected in the holding of the National Awakening Day Commemoration Ceremony on May 20, 2024.

Since 07.30 WIB, dressed in white tops and dark bottoms, the Board of Directors of Rekind, PT Tracon Industri, PT Rekayasa Engineering, PT Yasa Industri Nusantara, PT Rekind Daya Mamuju, Directors of PT Pupuk Indonesia Niaga, Directors of PT Pupuk Indonesia Utilitas, Rekind Structural Officials, Rekindist and Subsidiary Employees, solemnly attended the procession of the National Awakening Day commemoration ceremony.

This National Awakening Day was held in the ROB II parking lot, Rekind Head Office. Led directly by Rekind’s President Director, Triyani Utaminingsih, as Ceremony Inspector.

“Rekind as a state-owned company must continue to increase solidity or unity even though there are differences of opinion or thought. “This is important to continue to implement, especially for the sustainability of the company, as a manifestation of the welfare of all of us and for broader interests, namely for the Nation and State,” explained Triyani Utaminingsih in her speech.

With this hope, continued the woman who is familiarly called Yani, it would be very relevant if the commemoration of National Awakening Day became a momentum to further strengthen the unity and solidity of all of us to answer the challenges and dynamics we are currently facing.

Externally, the re-actualization of the spirit and spirit of National Awakening Day must also be interpreted as an effort to continue to maintain the integrity of the nation’s character and the spirit of nationalism through unity and cooperation which are the core values โ€‹โ€‹of Pancasila. The spirit of unity and cooperation has taken root and spread throughout the archipelago. This is proven by various expressions about the wisdom of prioritizing unity that exists in all tribes, customs, and cultures in Indonesia.

“Even though it is drawn from the wisdom of our ancestors which has been cultivated for centuries, the spirit of cooperation is not an old spirit. “Until then, this spirit will always be relevant, even more urgent as a contemporary demand that is full of various changes,” stressed Yani.

The key lies in the desire of all of us to maintain momentum and a calm climate for working, especially in developing the innovation and competence of Rekind and its subsidiaries. All of this must continue to be maintained so that the work atmosphere is always conducive to harmony and unity. 

Hopefully we can interpret this commemoration by renewing our spirit, work, and stronger unity, as a legacy of local wisdom that will lead us to glory on the global stage,” exclaimed Yani.