Welcoming the Holy Month of Ramadan 1445 Hijriah, PT Rekayasa Industri (Rekind) shares happiness through donations intended for 77 orphans.

These orphans are under the auspices of the An Nuriyah Foundation at Jalan Kalibata Timur 1A No.10 RT06/RW10, Kalibata, Pancoran South Jakarta, and the Al Munawar Foundation which is domiciled at Kalibata Timur I No 23 RT02/RW01, Kalibata, Pancoran South Jakarta.

This happiness-sharing event is a company program that is routinely carried out under the Corporate Secretary through Community Development (Comdev) & TJSL, either before or coinciding with the Holy Month of Ramadan.

The handover of compensation, which was delivered directly by the President Director of Rekind, Triyani Utaminingsih, accompanied by Yusairi, Director of Operations & Technology/Development along with several Rekind Structural officials, was centered at the An Nuriyah Foundation under the auspices of Hj Martini. The gifts given were school equipment, necessities, and pocket money.

“Don’t look at the value we provide. But use this as a basis for growing enthusiasm, so that in the future, our children can become proud people. Not having parents is not the end of everything. When I was 4 years old, my father left me forever. This is the destiny of the Creator, Allah SWT. “Don’t give up your enthusiasm, keep holding your dreams as high as the sky,” said Tryani Utaminingsih in front of the orphaned children.

Sharing is an expression of gratitude for all the blessings given by Allah SWT. Even in difficult situations, that doesn’t mean that Rekind has to dampen its enthusiasm to always be able to express its gratitude by sharing.

Whatever situation occurs, never make all Rekind people feel discouraged and complain. As if all the doors of convenience were completely closed. This sharing activity can become a field for charity and open doors of convenience, especially to motivate oneself to continue to work better. The worship that Allah SWT loves most is sharing with others, more specifically with orphaned children. Continue to increase your enthusiasm to rise and always give your best. In Sha Allah, the storm we are facing will pass quickly.

Chairman of the An Nuriyah Foundation, Hj Martini, positively appreciated this sharing activity. He admitted that the moment held by Rekind was the most appropriate because it was held in the month of Sya’ban, the rewards were quite large. “Hopefully, with this diverse spirit, Allah will reward Rekind with abundant rewards, especially through the ease in moving the wheels of its business. “And what is no less important, the leaders are always given health, convenience, and blessings in carrying out company activities,” explained Hj Martini.