PT Rekayasa Industri (Rekind) together with all its subsidiaries, is committed to continuing to prioritize Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) as an interdependent culture (shared responsibility).

This was confirmed directly by Triyani Utaminingsih, President Director of Rekind when chairing the Occupational Safety and Health (P2K3) Advisory Committee Meeting, in Meeting Room 1.1, ROB I, Rekind Head Office, Kalibata, South Jakarta, Tuesday (20/2). This P2K3 meeting also serves as the closing of a series of activities for National K3 Month 2024 with the theme “Cultivate K3, be healthy and safe at work, maintain business continuity.”

He admitted that upholding this culture was not easy. Moreover, currently, the subsidiary of PT Pupuk Indonesia (Persero) is starting a new chapter in its business journey, one of which is through a business transformation with the FEED (Front End Engineering Design), and Engineering and Manpower Supply (MPS) project scheme.

“We emphasize that business transformation activities do not shift HSE’s commitment to an Interdependent Rekind culture. HSE remains an important barometer, especially at the project and corporate scale. Enforcing this culture requires serious leadership, commitment, and actual implementation to create a safe work environment. “The enforcement of this HSE culture is not only applied to Rekind but also to all Subsidiaries,” explained Triyani Utaminingsih in front of several President Directors of Subsidiaries and company structural officials.

As a manifestation of upholding the HSE culture and strong synergy with all its subsidiaries, in December 2023, Rekind will be able to realize achievements through achieving safe working hours (Safe Man Hours). This achievement is demonstrated through the performance in the construction of the Jambaran Tiung Biru (JTB) Gas Unitization Field Project which reached 53 million safe working hours and 7 million safe working hours for the Lombok CFSPP – FTP-2 Project, in East Lombok, NTB.

The Rekind Subsidiaries that contributed to the achievement of 53 Million Safe Working Hours for the JTB Gas Unitization Field Project are 1. PT Yasa Industri Nusantara with 2,785,930 safe working hours; 2. PT Rekayasa Cakrawala Resource (Recare) with 2,598,870 safe working hours; 3. PT Recon Sarana Utama with 417,875 safe working hours; 4. PT Puspetindo with 127,685 safe working hours; and 5. PT Tracon Industri with 6,035 safe working hours.


Meanwhile, the Rekind Subsidiaries that contributed to the achievement of the 7 Million Safe Working Hours for the Lombok Project were: 1. PT Yasa Industri Nusantara with 448,056 safe working hours; 2. PT Tracon Industri with 176,964 safe working hours; 3. PT Recon Sarana Utama with 122,700 safe working hours.

“Thank you to the President Director of the Subsidiary and the team for their contribution, including all subcontractors for this achievement. “Hopefully this good performance can be maintained because safety is the main priority and is the company image and supports business continuity in the eyes of the owner,” said Yusairi, Director of Operations & Technology/Development.