PT Rekayasa Industri (Rekind) educated several Kalibata residents in RW 08 and several employees about handling snakes. This is important, especially in the rainy season, when many residential areas, even offices, are invaded by these reptiles.

To anticipate this, Rekind is collaborating with the Indonesian Sioux Ular Foundation. This foundation is a non-governmental organization whose members are snake lovers. Sioux was founded in 2003 and turned into a foundation in 2010. Sioux actively provides education about snakes, including handling, rescuing, and how to deal with snakes when they enter the house.


Ilham, from Sioux Ular Indonesia, emphasized that as far as the experience he has gained, people have a negative mindset toward snakes. Not a few snakes die when they come into direct contact with people, both venomous and non-venomous types. “If we kill snakes, it will damage the existing ecosystem. “For example, lots of snakes are being killed, so rats are running around more and more,” explained Ilham when educating the public and Rekind employees at the ROB II Building, Rekind Head Office, Thursday (18/1).


In general, snakes live close to humans. But in principle, snakes are also very afraid of humans. They are present because their habitat is disturbed, such as through development, drilling, and so on. Snakes can’t hear, but they don’t like vibrations. That’s why when there is development such as drilling, excavation and so on that uses tools and produces vibrations, these snakes come out of their habitat and enter human settlements.

“In principle, snakes are afraid of humans, except for king cobras which are aggressive. That’s why when facing a snake we shouldn’t make any sudden movements. If you worry a lot, the snake will respond quickly. “Snakes can’t hear, but with their movements, they respond very quickly,” said Ilham loudly in front of the audience.

Ilham reminded me, that when dealing with a snake, don’t just look at its big or small size. Even though the snake is small in size, it is also worth watching out for, just like the Weling snake.

You should never underestimate the black and white snake that surrounds the top and sides of its body. The snake with the Latin name Bungarus candidus, if attacked, is a type of deadly snake. Weling snake venom is said to be more deadly than cobra snakes, which many people consider the most dangerous. If it bites, the weling snake’s venom enters the body and can kill the victim within 12 hours if it is not treated.

Based on the information above, Syahroni, one of the residents of RW 08 asked, how to prevent snakes from entering the house. “In principle, snakes are very resistant to strong fragrances. Make sure the rooms in the house are scented and the floors are cleaned using carbolic acid or something similar. “Because the fragrant and pungent smell will disturb the snake’s sensory system,” explained Ilham.

But even if you have to deal with a snake, don’t panic, keep your distance, don’t move too much, and don’t kill the snake. “There are special treatments that we can do, such as using brooms and dustpans and other tools to ward off snakes,” explained Ilham.

The educational activity, which was carried out for almost 3 hours, ended with the practice of catching snakes using special tools, including household tools. The participants were quite enthusiastic about taking part in this activity