President Director of PT Pupuk Indonesia (Persero) Rahmad Pribadi, called on all Rekindists to make PT Rekayasa Industri (Rekind) become an extraordinary company again. “No one can limit our enthusiasm, hearts, and minds to make Rekind extraordinary again. I am a person who is very optimistic that Rekind can become an extraordinary company again. You Are What You Think You Are,” stressed Rahmad Pribadi in front of Rekindist when he was asked to be the CEO Talk Speaker, entitled Reigniting Rekind Spirit at the Rekind Town Hall Meeting (THM) event, which was held at the ROB II building, Rekind Head Office, Monday (15/1).

This CEO Talk event was held specifically to motivate and build hope after the signing of the Rekind Health Plan by the Minister of BUMN, Erick Thohir. This signing is a milestone in the implementation of restructuring in the financial sector and the future transformation of Rekind’s business.

Through this restructuring and transformation pattern, Rekind will be transformed into an Industrial Supporting Subholding of Pupuk Indonesia Holding Company (PIHC), whose business is not only focused on the EPC industry but also on development in the O&M and Utilities fields to make it more sustainable.

That afternoon Rahmad Pribadi was present during his busy schedule, but still took the time to greet Rekindist at the Rekind Kalibata Head Office, Pancoran, South Jakarta. He came accompanied by his wife, Kuntari Laksmita Wahyuningdyah (Tata) who is also the General Chair of PIKA PT Pupuk Indonesia (Persero). Also present were a number of high-ranking Pupuk Indonesia officials, including Wono Budi Tjahyono – Director of Finance, and Jamsaton Nababan – Director of Portfolio & Business Development. Rekind’s Main Director, Tryani Utaminingsih also accompanied him, including Yusairi – Director of Operations and Development/Technology. Also present were Doddy Rahadi and MM Restu Hapsari as Rekind’s Board of Commissioners.

The arrival of this man who is known to be friendly and smiling at the Rekind Head Office creates its own atmosphere. His figure is very energetic and full of motivation. His presence, in the midst of Rekind’s transformational situation, is very harmonious and radiates positive energy. As if it could boost the enthusiasm of all Rekind employees even higher in order to embark on Rekind’s journey forward.

​The former Main Director of PT Pupuk Kalimantan Timur (Kaltim) has many great stories about the greatness of Rekind. Not only input from former high-ranking state officials who have overseen the birth of the nation’s EPC company but also insight information provided by a number of internationally renowned companies that have collaborated with Rekind. Orica is one of them. This leading provider of mining and infrastructure solutions in the world admits that one of its ammonium nitrate prill (ANP) factories, which Rekind built in 2010, is the best and a source of pride for them. Toyo Engineering Corporation (TEC) also recognizes the competence of Rekind Engineers. This was proven when one of Rekind’s engineers was assigned to this well-known EPC company from Japan.

It was these inputs that made Rahmad Pribadi confident in maintaining Rekind. Rekind’s new face has been prepared. Soon, this nation’s EPC company will take the transformation steps outlined by the shareholders.

The emphasis of Rekind’s Transformation is not only on the financial sector but also on prioritizing new business transformation projections that Rekind will carry out in response to today’s developing dynamics. The aim is so that the risks faced by the company are smaller and Rekind can move more flexibly and be able to carry out its strategic mission well.

We hope that with this positive development, Rekind will be able to go faster and prove that it is still the best and can be relied on to play an active role in the movement of the industrial sector in the country which is becoming increasingly strong.