From 1 November to 15 December 2023, PT Rekayasa Industri (Rekind) participated in the prestigious competition, Data Heroes, organized by the Pupuk Indonesia Data Science Team. A total of 122 participants participated, attending from all subsidiaries of PT Pupuk Indonesia (Persero), with one exception: the IT or data science compartment.

From the initial registration stage to selecting ideas, presentations, bootcamps, to awards, Rekind was able to show its best dedication and commitment. Of the 40 initial ideas selected, Rekind succeeded in selecting 7 superior ideas which will receive special guidance using various data analytic tools, especially in the application of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

Ideas raised by the Rekind delegation include; Indri Atmoko – Project Text Mining Data Analysis, Nico Oktora – Project Bot Telegram Project Portfolio, Fian Ardiyana – Project Steel Weight Forecasting, Fandy Maulana S R – Project Cost Management Rendezvous, Cintya Nandini – Project Profit Project Correlation, and Firas Pradickto – Project Clustering Comprehensive Risk Mitigation.

After going through a strict selection process, the 20 best ideas from all participants are entitled to take part in the intensive bootcamp. Five participants were selected from Rekind who specifically took part in the bootcamp to learn more about the use of Snowflake and Dataiku tools. During the bootcamp, Rekind Delegates dominated, completing tasks brilliantly. Not only that, the Rekind Delegation also had the honor of being the representative of the entire mini hackathon team at the Snowflake Session.

Rekind’s achievements don’t stop there; they were also selected in the categories of best asker, best responder, and most active participant in the Dataiku session. The peak of their victory was achieved during the awards session, where Rekind won three prestigious awards. Firas presented 1st Runner-up, Fandy won 2nd Runner-up, and Nico contributed Galactic Idea.

With the knowledge and experience gained from the Data Heroes event, Rekind is optimistic that their contribution can be the basis for improving various aspects of the company. In addition, they hope to share this knowledge with all Rekindists, opening wider horizons and creating an innovative and dynamic environment. This success proves that the spirit of never giving up and the spirit of innovation can bring a company to the peak of success.