Rekind Receives MC Certificate from PT Pertamina International Refinery at the Balongan RU VI Phase-1 CDU Project

PT Rekayasa Industri (Rekind) under the consortium flag, received a Mechanical Completion Certificate (MCC) from PT Refinery Pertamina Internasional (KPI). The embedding of the certificate, which was carried out on April 8, 2022, was related to Rekind’s activities for the EPC CDU Light Distillate Section Upgrading at the RU VI – Balongan Refinery Development Master Plan (RDMP) Project Phase-1.
This Mechanical Completion was achieved after PT KPI as the project owner carried out a series of stages of the inspection and special testing process on a number of equipment and construction at the EPC CDU Light Distillate Section Upgrading which was carried out by Rekind under the consortium flag.
The results are very satisfying and in accordance with the targets set. The installation of equipment and construction work on the project is also in accordance with the specifications and requirements set. PT KPI declared ready to enter the stage of commissioning work or further testing. With the issuance of the certificate, it indicates that in general construction activities and pre-commissioning for projects carried out by Rekind have been completed completely, according to the agreed work specifications.
The President Director of Rekind, Triyani Utaminingsih, welcomed the achievements of the work carried out by the best members of the National EPC company. Moreover, the work on this project is ahead of the set schedule.
According to him, this success also implies that in today’s challenging situation, Rekind’s commitment and professionalism is still very high and reliable, especially in its involvement in large-scale project work, such as the RDMP RU VI – Balongan Phase-1, which was one of the a national strategic project.
“This is a very extraordinary and proud work achievement. With the receipt of this Mechanical Completion Certificate, it shows that the spirit of the project team does not know giving up, especially in the difficult situations and conditions that we are currently facing. Moreover, the Rekind Team in the Balongan Project has had brilliant achievements. Work results achieved are always recorded ahead of the planned schedule. Hopefully we can continue to maintain this, there are no obstacles and everything goes as we expected together. Rekind will continue to strive to provide the best as a form of commitment and support for the government in an effort to improve the nation’s energy security,” said Triyani Utamingsih.
The presence of the RU VI Balongan Phase 1 RDMP Project aims to increase the processing capacity of the Balongan Refinery from 125 thousand barrels per day to 150 thousand barrels per day and improve product quality to meet EURO V standards which are more environmentally friendly. In addition, to increase the complexity of the refinery by adding conversion units to produce more high value products.
The Balongan Phase 1 RDMP project is also expected to increase the flexibility of processing crude (crude oil) in order to be able to process more sour crude. The products produced from RDMP Balongan include Solar, Premium, Pertalite, Pertamax and Pertamax Turbo.
“Because of the high and strategic nature of this project, Rekind, which is a member of the consortium, continues to strive to maintain and improve its productive collaboration, so that the targets set are well achieved. Hopefully the next stage can be carried out well and without any problems,” said Faisal AR, Rekind Project Manager at the EPC CDU Light Distillate Section Upgrading RDMP RU VI Balongan Phase1 Project.