Rekind Holds Survey Kepuasan Lingkungan 2021

PT Rekayasa Industri (Rekind) held an Environmental Satisfaction Survey or Survey Kepuasan Lingkungan (SKL) 2021. The activity, which aims to bring the company closer to the community, for this year is centered in the RW 08 area – Kalibata Village, Kalibata Village Office, Pancoran Police Headquarters and Makoramil 02/Mampang Prapatan. SKL is a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity carried out by all subsidiaries of PT Pupuk Indonesia, to directly explore the aspirations or social needs of the community.
RW 08 was chosen as the object for the 2021 SKL activity, based on regional factors. The location is very close to Rekind’s Home Office (HO). Meanwhile, the Pancoran Sector Police Headquarters and the 02/Mampang Prapatan Military Police Command were partnered because the two law enforcement agencies and state resilience were strategic partners of Rekind. The relationship is already close in helping to secure the Kalibata area, where Rekind’s HO is sheltered.
This year’s SKL activities are still centered in the HO environment because it is still during the Covid 19 pandemic. We really hope that you can convey or provide input on the survey that we are doing this time. So with this input, Rekind can always fix it if there is something that is not pleasing to the public,” said Herman Susatyo, VP Comdev & TJSL at the opening of SKL 2021, in the multipurpose room of Kalibata Village, Pancoran, South Jakarta, Tuesday (30/11) .
The Lurah of Kalibata, Kamaludin, responded positively to this statement. The man who was just appointed as Lurah Kalibata about 3 months ago admitted that he had heard that so far the relationship between Rekind and Kelurahan Kalibata and the community was quite good. “Here, Rekind is familiar, because almost all villages in Pancoran District like to be given assistance. For us, actually, coming and smiling is already happy, especially since Rekind always makes a big contribution to the community, “said Kamaludin.
In this year’s SKL activity, Rekind expects a positive assessment from around 120 respondents, as one of its efforts to improve its performance and existence as a proud EPC company belonging to the nation.