Rekind – PGN Strengthen BUMN Synergy to Support Commissioning of the Jambaran Tiung Biru Project

Jakarta – PT Rekayasa Industri (Rekind) together with PT Perusahaan Gas Negara (PGN) Tbk, built a strong synergy to support the commissioning process at the Jambaran Tiung Biru (JTB) Gas Processing Facilities (GPF) Project. Evidence of the strong synergy is illustrated in the signing of the gas distribution document between PGN President Director M. Haryo Yunanto with the Commercial Director and Plt. Rekind Operation, Dundi Insan Perlambang in Semarang, Central Java, Wednesday (9/6). In this collaboration, it was agreed that the amount of gas distribution that PGN would carry out in support of the commissioning process was 4-8BBTUD and is estimated to take 6-8 months.
“We really appreciate this synergy process, especially for the smooth running of the JTB well pre-production process, in which Rekind is the main contractor engineering-procurement-construction (EPC) GPF,” said Dundi Insan Perlambang.
JTB is one of the national strategic projects (PSN) of the oil and gas sector which was established by President Joko Widodo through Presidential Decree 109 of 2020. The role of the JTB project will be able to contribute greatly to increasing national oil and gas production. Jambaran-Tiung Biru itself contains important values ​​for the economy of the Central Java and East Java regions, as an effort to support the national economy. The active production in the field is also believed to be able to help fulfill gas in the electricity sector, in supporting optimization for industrial, transportation, MSME and household commercial improvements.
“The commissioning process and synergy with Rekind is a shared commitment to maintain national oil and gas production in order to meet the target. PGN will also manage gas from JTB around 192 BBTUD,” said M. Haryo Yunianto, PGN President Director).
Natural gas from JTB is expected to be able to meet the increasing energy needs for Central Java, East Java and nationally. Natural gas from JTB can be utilized to meet gas demand in Central and East Java in the industrial, household, transportation and power generation sectors. Gas from JTB can be flowed through the Gresik Semarang transmission pipeline which has been completed and is expected to create a multiplier effect and help overcome the gas supply deficit in Central and East Java. In addition, the JTB project is also expected to support efforts to develop clean natural gas energy during the energy transition from fuel to renewable energy which is cleaner, environmentally friendly, and efficient.