Rekind’s Commitment on State Owned LTJ* Processing Industry Technology Realization

PT Rekayasa Industri collaborating with the National Nuclear Energy Agency (Batan) to establish the state-owned commercial scale Rare Earth Metal processing technology (LTJ) design as the initial stage of building the National LTJ industrial ecosystem. Rekind and Batan will work together to develop this technology to a commercial scale stage.

Collaboration between these state-owned institutions was realized through the signing of a collaboration between the Director of Rekind Business Development, Achmad Muchtasyar and the Head of the Batan Nuclear Extraction Technology Center, Ir. Yarianto Sugeng Budi Susilo, M.Si, at the Center for Nuclear Extraction Technology, Jakarta, Thursday (28/1).

“This cooperation is a huge mandate given by the state to us, as an effort to increase the nation’s economic capacity through the embodiment of red-and-white technology for the LTJ processing industry. Rekind is committed to being present at its best through the power of innovation and technology that has been continuously developed, especially in responding to the needs in the field of new and renewable energy. We are very honoured to be given this trust, “said President Director of Rekind Alex Dharma Balen.

In the digital era itself, the presence of LTJ is an inseparable part of human life. This derivative product from the presence of LTJ is able to support the role in the automotive sector in the future, especially in providing magnets for motors in electric cars. In addition, it also has the potential to support the development of the energy sector through high efficiency solar panels and batteries with large energy storage capabilities. LTJ also has a big role in the healthcare industry, such as in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) tools, as well as the defence industry through anti-radar paint.

Rekind’s Business Development Director, Achmad Muchtasyar, added that the Rekind and Batan collaboration would focus on processing monazite into purified LTJ elements and active materials for various derivative applications. “Rekind will play a role in process design so that the technology that has been developed by Batan at the pilot scale can operate effectively and efficiently on a commercial scale. We support the government’s efforts to map the potential of LTJ, so that when needed the technology is ready, “he added.

Hopefully this synergy will be able to obtain maximum results in accordance with what is expected, and be able to increase the strength of the country’s economy in the midst of a pandemic situation that is still strong in the world.

*LTJ – Logam Tanah Jarang (Rare-earth Element)