Rekind Pancasila Worship Day Ceremony

As the basis of the country, Pancasila has a strategic role as the Basic foundation of unitary Republic of Indonesia.

In addition, Pancasila has the meaning of the basic guidelines for organizing the Constitutional administration which covers the field of ideology, politics, economics, social culture as well as defense and security.

In the midst of the influence of global strength, we should strengthen and equip ourselves to not be buried in the twists and era. One of them is to dig back the values contained in Pancasila.

To remember and strive to implement the lofty values of Pancasila, Rekind held a commemoration of the Feast of the Magical Day on Tuesday (1/10). Centered in the field of ROB II, Rekind head Office, Kalibata East I No. 36 and followed by all employees.

The ceremony led by the President Director of Rekind, Yanuar Budinorman who acted as a ceremonial inspector and Dedy Rinaldy, SVP Finance, Accounting & Tax served as the commander of the ceremony.

Hopefully, the noble values of Pancasila can be unstained in all employees, so as to improve performance as a form of advancing Rekind. Because, advancing Rekind means also advancing Indonesia

During 38 years standing Rekind has participated actively realizing the value of Pancasila through the construction sector. Accounting for more than 100 strategic projects, both at the national level and southeast Asia level, is able to realize the subsidiary of PT Pupuk Indonesia with the best results, optimal and proud.

Hopefully Rekind step in the effort to realize the nation’s expectations through strategic projects that were built, able to realize the glorious Indonesia.