Rekind-PEPC Teleconference with National Media Affirm the Commitment of JTB Project to be On Stream July 2021

Perhaps this step is arguably the first in the history of Rekind, holding a press conference with a number of national media crews and Managing Director of PT Pertamina EP Cepu (PEPC), Jamsaton Nababan via teleconference. This step is not merely to enjoy the technology that is developing nowadays, but rather to prioritize one of the company’s commitments in facing the outbreak of COVID-19 or known as Corona Virus.

The press conference held between Rekind and PEPC on Thursday (19/3) at  Rekind Operational Office, Kalibata, South Jakarta, wanted to emphasize the commitment of the two companies in working on the Jambaran-Tiung Biru Gas Field Project targeted on stream in July 2021.

Efforts to accelerate work have been carried out to encourage the progress of the GPT JTB EPC Project which as of March 18, 2020 has recorded a progress of 54.94% from the original plan of 55.35%, so there is a variance of minus 0.41%. This decline occurred because of challenges that have hampered construction work, one of which is high rainfall. In 2019, the actual progress is always ahead of 0.5% of the plan.

However, various obstacles such as extreme weather and the spread of Corona Virus can be anticipated well, so that the project continues to run on track.

“Implementation of the construction of the JTB Project as a National Strategic Project is a mandate that is not easy, however, since the inaugural Design of the EPC GPF JTB on January 4, 2019, Rekind is committed to always showing the best professionalism and performance. With solid collaboration with PEPC, Rekind is optimistic that the July 2021 on-stream target can be achieved, “said Rekind’s President Director Yanuar Budinorman.

PEPC and Rekind continue to prioritize work safety and work on strategies to accelerate work both in terms of the adequacy and competence of reliable HR, project management and supervision. This strategy is implemented, among others, by placing under one roof the entire Project team, both from PEPC and Rekind, so that coordination, review processes and approvals can be carried out quickly and effectively.

This optimism is shared by Jamsaton Nababan. “I am very happy with the achievement of the performance of PEPC and the Indonesian Consortium-JGC-JGC Consortium so far. This proves the seriousness and hard work and high commitment of the entire team in making a real contribution to the project and the company, “Jamsaton Nababan said through teleconference.