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The establishment of PT Rekayasa Cakrawala Resources

On Thursday 27th June 2006, at 09.36 WIST marked the signing of the articles of association of PT Rekayasa Cakrawala Resources, abbreviated as PT RECARE. The shareholders of the company are REKIND (majority shareholder), PT Tracon Industri and PT Yasa Industri Nusantara and Representative of Employees.

The Main business of PT RECARE is Engineering Training Center, which activities among other thing are managing drafting school under the name of Rekayasa Drafting School located at Jakarta, and to supply skilled manpower in the engineering field. PT RECARE also has established Piping Design School located at Bandung in cooperation with Balai Besar Bahan dan Barang Teknik (B4T). In cooperation with ITB,PT RECARE established Pusat Pelatihan Tenaga Ahli Teknik Instrumentasi & Kontrol.

In addition and to meet the urgent needs of Professional Certification, PT RECARE in collaboration with Institution for Instrument & Control Prefessional Certification - Lembaga Sertifikasi Profesi Instrument & Kontrol (LSP-IK) perform as an educational and traning and competency test institution for instrumentation & control, instrument drafting and instrument designing.