On Friday 19 April 2024, the Human Capital & Corporate Service (HCCS) Team of PT Rekayasa Industri (Rekind) had a ‘special guest’ welcome, namely, Adi Septiadi – Finance Director of PT Rekind Daya Mamuju (RDM). This man, who is known to be friendly and smiling, was present accompanied by Windi S. and M. Faturrahman from the RDM Human Capital Team.

The three of them didn’t just come to have a friendly visit, but they had a ‘special mission’, namely for a comparative study (benchmarking) at Rekind. They explored the parent company’s understanding and knowledge in terms of Performance Management, especially Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Job Description Management which has been managed by the HCCS Rekind Team.

Understandably, RDM, which is commanded by Doni Muhardiansyah as the President Director, is currently optimizing Human Resources (HR) management.

 Of course, this visit received a positive response from the HCCS Rekind Team. Through Tjaturtjitra Suhitarini – VP of Development & Organization, Muhammad Reynanta Mauluddi S – Organization & Culture Management Coordinator, Fitriardi Afiatmoko – Senior Organization Development Staff and Saifuloh – Knowledge Management Staff, the three of them received specific and interesting explanations.

Information is presented through presentations or topic explanations by the HCCS Rekind Team and followed by discussions/questions and answers which run in an intimate and relaxed manner. The RDM team is very enthusiastic in digging up information and studying the implementation of KPIs and Job Descriptions at Rekind.

“We hope that what is conveyed can be received or understood well and is useful as a reference in improving the quality of HR management at RDM. “As for the implementation, I’m sure friends from RDM can adapt it to RDM’s internal situation and conditions,” said Tjaturtjitra Suhitarini – VP of Development & Organization Rekind.

Adi Septiadi – RDM Finance Director positively appreciated the sharing of insights and best practices provided by the HCCS Rekind Team. “The material presented is very interesting and this is valuable knowledge and experience and we will use it as an idea and reference for RDM to improve HR management which will ultimately support RDM’s business to grow even better,” explained Adi Septiadi.

RDM is one of Rekind’s subsidiaries whose presence is oriented towards building, owning, and operating a Steam Power Plant (PLTU), with a capacity of 2X25 MW in Mamuju Regency, West Sulawesi. The electricity produced by this PLTU is then distributed to the State Electricity Company (PLN-Persero) on a business basis.