PT Rekayasa Industri (Rekind) is again holding routine Blood Donation and Health Check activities. This step was taken as the company’s effort to create awareness and create a healthier life for all Rekindists, including employees of Subsidiaries.

This routine company activity carried out by the Corporate Secretary & Legal Unit, was held on Monday (12/2), in collaboration with solid cooperation between Comdev & TJSL, Health Safety & Environment (HSE) Rekind, the Indonesian Red Cross DKI Jakarta and the Pancoran Community Health Center, Jakarta South.

The social activity, which was also centered in the ROB II Building, Floor 1, was also attended by Rekind’s Director of Operations, Technology/Development, Yusairi, a number of Rekind officials, and other Subsidiaries. No less important, this activity also received great attention from Rekindist and Subsidiaries employees.

“This activity is part of TJSL activities as one of the main programs of the Ministry of BUMN, as well as a form of Rekind’s contribution to society. Apart from that, this activity is also our way to raise awareness of all employees about the importance of healthy living. “We appreciate the positivity of all participants who took part in this blood donation and health check activity,” said Yusairi after taking part in the blood donation activity at the ROB II Building, Floor 1, Rekind Head Office, Monday (13/7).

In carrying out the Blood Donation activity, of the 88 people who registered, 70 of them were declared successful in taking part in the donation activity. Meanwhile, 18 other people were declared dead because they did not pass the health check. Those who did not pass were directed to join 70 other employees to take part in a health examination.

Health checks are also a concern for employees. It was recorded that around 50 people registered for this activity. Apart from blood pressure and blood pressure checks, as in previous years, HIV/AIDS VCT (Voluntary Counseling and Testing) health checks were also held. This is a series of examinations to find out whether someone is positive or negative for HIV/AIDS. The examination is confidential and voluntary. This means that the decision to carry out an examination is a person’s choice and he has an absolute right to privacy.

VCT HIV/AIDS also has a specific aim to increase employee knowledge and eliminate negative stigma and discrimination against people diagnosed with HIV AIDS. On the other hand, this effort is also in compliance with government regulations regarding the prevention and control of HIV AIDS in the workplace.

This health examination also targets phlegm analysis with TCM (Rapid Molecular Test) for TB. TCM is a tool that can replace TB diagnostic tests via a microscope. This test is carried out to check the germs in the patient’s sputum, and whether the patient is positive for TB or not.


The hope is that these noble social activities and efforts to improve health can continue to maintain their consistency and be able to provide enormous benefits to the wider community who really need them.

‚ÄúThis blood donation and health examination activity is in accordance with the principles that must be prioritized in TJSL. “Hopefully, through donor activities and health checks, we can provide great benefits for both Rekind employees and our brothers and sisters in need,” explained Rekind VP Comdev & TJSL Herman Susatyo.