PT Rekayasa Industri (Rekind) has begun exploring the development of a new business wing. The plan is that in 2024, the subsidiary PT Pupuk Indonesia (Persero) will add a new business concept through the EPC Digital System.

Confidence in carrying out Rekind’s newest business concept stems from the positive appreciation of clients who have collaborated with Rekind. Understandably, in several projects carried out by Rekind, this digital system has been applied in project activities. The results, in general, can make project work quite effective and efficient.

This picture was captured when M. Darma Setiawan, EVP Operation Rekind responded to Rekndist’s question at the 2023 Rekind Operations Unit Digitalization Launching Event. “Rekind has prepared this effort long ago. This EPC digital product must be our encouragement to move towards a modern and useful Rekind. “This means that in the future we will not only focus on the EPC business but also focus on the EPC Digital System,” he explained in front of several VPs from the Rekind Operations Unit, in the ROB I Building, on Thursday (21/12).

As is known, Rekind has quite a few digital EPC systems based on information technology innovations that were developed independently (in-house). To name a few, Rekind continues to develop the Integrated Construction Management System (ICONS). This integrated management system includes a 3D System, Master (Material Management System of Industrial Engineering). Apart from that, there is also SRM 2.0 (Supplier Relationship Management). There are also E-Docs (Electronic Document Control System) as a new breath to facilitate all project activity work as well as the GIA PMIS system or application. Rekind also has Digital Construction Through (ISC-PRO). In fact, what is no less great is that Rekind also has a Welding Management System (WMS), which is very likely very rarely owned by EPC companies, including developing a Field Material Control System and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification).

“Colleagues from PT Pupuk Sriwidjaja Palembang are also very interested in the E-Docs system that we are developing. But unfortunately, the project was not carried out by Rekind. “If only we do the work, the digital EPC system or software that we have will be used by clients and that has value,” added the man who is familiarly called Iwan Darma.

In fact, the PMIS GIA used by Rekind has also received positive appreciation from clients, including online comments on the E-Docs system, because it has added value and shortened work time. This is not only beneficial from a work perspective, but also makes Rekind as a contractor more enjoyable in completing its tasks and responsibilities and avoids repetitive work. “In fact, in all of it (the EPC Digital System) there are savings, speed, and accuracy,” he explained.