PT Rekayasa Industri (Rekind) was finally able to prove its commitment to bringing the Gas Processing Facility (GPF) – Jambaran Tiung Biru (JTB) Development Project to its first Gas on Stream (GoS) stage.

The success of the GoS stage is a fixed price for Rekind. Financial challenges and the Covid 19 Pandemic did not prevent Rekind from being able to complete the National Strategic Project in Bandungrejo Village, Ngasem, Bojonegoro, East Java. “We always uphold our commitment to every mandate given. This first GoS makes me very touched. JTB’s success is our struggle in supporting the government to realize the nation’s energy security and independence, of course this success cannot be separated from the support of all stakeholders involved, especially PT Pertamina EP Cepu (PEPC) and SKK Migas,” emphasized the Main Director of Rekind, Triyani Utaminingsih.

The success of the JTB GPF Project, which Rekind has been working on since the end of 2017, is also a manifestation of the independence of the nation’s children in encouraging the birth of the largest gas processing center nationally and with high technology. “Since the beginning we have also been consistent in empowering the local Bojonegoro community to actively participate in the development of the JTB GPF Project. Through this synergy it proves that this project is 100% the success of the work of the nation’s children,” added Triyani Utaminingsih.

The success of achieving the GoS which was carried out on Tuesday (20/9) was the stage of gas flowing from the GPF to the metering area to be distributed to the distribution pipelines which were then received by the buyers of the gas.

The JTB Gas Unitization Field Development Project is one of the National Strategic Projects (PSN) for the energy sector under PT Pertamina (Persero) stipulated by President Joko Widodo through Presidential Decree Number 109 of 2020 concerning the Acceleration of Implementation of National Strategic Projects.

JTB is projected to become one of the largest gas producer candidates in Indonesia with its gas sales production reaching 192 Million Standard Cubic Feet per Day (MMSCFD). Of this amount, 100 MMSCFD have been prepared to meet the gas needs of PT PLN’s power plant.

This success proves that National EPC companies are also capable of working on strategic projects that have a high degree of difficulty.