Rekind Peduli Support Flood Victims in Kalibata and Pejaten Timur

Rekind distributed aid for flood victims in 3 RWs of Kalibata Village, namely RW 05, RW 08 and RW 09. The delivery of aid was given directly by Yanuar Budinorman, to a number of community representatives, who were exposed to flooding. Witnessed directly by the entire Board of Directors and Account Management, Kalibata Village officials and the community.

Assistance is provided in the form of snacks, floor cleaners, sleeping mats and basic needs. During these three years Rekind also developed various programs in an effort to reduce the impact of widespread flooding in the Kalibata area, South Jakarta.

Through cooperation between Rekind and Kalibata Urban Village, it was able to reduce the risk of increased standing water. “Water can recede in a matter of minutes, whereas before this program was in existence, the water could stagnate for days,” said Kalibata Urban Village Chief Maman Sumarman.

In addition to narrowing the scope of flooded areas, continued Maman, the program was also able to reduce the number of victims caused by flooding. At present there are 80 families of flood victims in RW 08, whereas prior to the collaboration program, there were far more.

“By this event, we will continue to maintain this kind of programs and continously expand these programs. Not only in Kalibata, but also in other Jabodetabek areas,” said Rekind President Director Yanuar Budinorman after providing assistance to flood victims in 3 RWs in Kalibata Kelurahan, South Jakarta, Friday (10/1).


In addition, Rekind also distributed stationery supplies to 350 elementary and secondary education students in Gang Langgar 1, RW 08 Kelurahan Pejaten Timur, South Jakarta. This assistance was given as a form of Rekind’s concern and sympathy for the people affected by the disaster.

“We are trying to contribute sincerely to ease the burden on our brothers and sisters who are in need of assistance. Hopefully the helping hand we provide can provide strength and the conditions that are now happening can be immediately surpassed,” added Triyani Utaminingsih, Director of Human Resources and Business Development at Rekind, after provided assistance in the East Pejaten area, accompanied by SVP Corporate Secretary & Legal Account, Dundi Insan Perlambang, Friday (10/1).

In addition to providing assistance to the community, Rekind also focused on providing assistance to 86 members of the Kalibata Village Maintenance and Public Facilities Maintenance Officer in the form of supplements and medicines. Sometimes this performance known by Team Orange escapes attention. Yet in dealing with floods, they always become the front guard.

“Physically they are always demanded to be prime, because so many tasks are carried out. Some of them are even victims of flooding. But they still prioritize the task. For this reason, their role is also a concern for Rekind, “said Dundi Insan Perlambang.

Hopefully, the assistance provided is able to provide support and benefits for the entire community.