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About E-Pro

EPRO (Electronic Procurement Rekayasa Online) is an online Internet-based media REKIND uses for procurement purposes.

Nearly all business process related to the projects being administered is properly executed electronically. And it is fully accessible simply by making good use of the Internet in line with the prevailing moment. Thousands of different suppliers from all over the world are easily identified according to the products or services they are able to provide.

EPRO is exercised to ensure time efficiency in the process of acquiring the right materials for the projects. It is also specifically designed for the benefits of every involved business partners REKIND is working with.

At this moment, the following are the business process of REKIND in which EPRO is applied:
  1. Requisition (Material Take Off, Scope of Work, Specifications)
  2. Technical and Commercial Quotations
  3. Evaluation and Clarification
  4. Negotiation
  5. Progress Reporting
  6. Material Shipment (Monitoring and Expediting)
  7. Material Received Report
EPRO Website can be visited at

Open and fair in nature, REKIND seriously takes into account any discontents or suggestions its business partners would like to express. An exclusive Procurement Complaint Desk online is provided to service the needs:

Please send your email and state what you need to say. Your words shall straightly be received by our Head of Procurement Division and all Heads of Departments in Procurement Division.

Thank you.

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